Air Conditioning Installation

John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing is your one-stop-shop for new air conditioner purchases and installations. We carry only the highest quality brand names in the industry, including Trane, Carrier, Rheem, Ruud, Amana, and York. With more than 50 years in business serving the Palm Beach County community, we have countless hours of experience installing residential and commercial systems alike.

No home or business owner likes the idea of having to replace a cooling and heating system. It’s a big investment. Fortunately, with regular professional maintenance and repair using top-quality components, we can often bring even older systems back to like-new performance. However, like anything mechanical, even the best cared-for air conditioning system ages enough that replacement becomes more cost-effective than repair, especially when the leaps in technology and efficiency of new systems are considered.

At John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing, you will never be “sold.” Our comfort advisors serve to guide you through the process of selecting a unit based on your needs and setting up installations around your schedule, offering options on repairs and replacements only when you want them. We firmly believe that this approach is what is responsible for John C. Cassidy Air Conditioning & Plumbing forging lifelong relationships with our thousands of satisfied customers.

If you are interested in a new system or have questions, call us today at (561) 863-6750 to speak with a comfort advisor.

Do you need a permit to install an air conditioner in Florida?

Yes, you generally need a permit to install an air conditioner in Florida. The specific requirements may vary based on local regulations and the type of installation. Permits ensure that installations comply with building codes, safety standards, and environmental regulations. It’s advisable to consult with local authorities or a licensed HVAC contractor to determine the necessary permits and requirements for your air conditioning installation in Florida.

What size air conditioner do I need for my home?

Determining the appropriate size of an air conditioner for your home depends on square footage, climate, insulation, and the number of windows and occupants. An HVAC professional can conduct a load calculation to assess your home’s cooling needs accurately. Oversized units may short-cycle, leading to inefficiency and humidity problems, while undersized units struggle to maintain comfort. Consulting with an HVAC specialist ensures you select the right size air conditioner for optimal performance and energy efficiency.

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