Water Filtration

Water contamination can be a serious health risk if left unaddressed. Whether the water in your area is prone to contamination or an in-home emergency like backflow has contaminated your water, it’s important to take water safety seriously.

Whole-house and under-the-counter water filtration systems can eliminate the risks associated with tap water contamination, ensuring that you and your family are using clean, safe-to-drink water that puts less stress on your property’s plumbing system.

We offer the Halo line of water filtration systems for the whole house, as well as RO systems for under the counter. The Halo 5 stage system prevents limescale and removes all traces of chlorine & chloramines, as well as other volatile contaminants.

The end product is clean, fresh water, which is safe for drinking and showering, & also prolongs the life of your plumbing fixtures.

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